What is a homestay?

Over the past decade, the concept of a homestay has been gaining popularity throughout India. It literally means to 'stay' in someone's 'home'. Living in a homestay during your travels enables you to have a very enriching and immersive experience. These are mostly social and informal settings where interaction with your hosts and co-travelers plays a large role. Homestay operators host their spaces in many different ways, which makes each homestay experience unique and full of discovery.
Atithi Parinay is our ancestral home. It was built as a family house and was used only by family members, until we opened it to our guests in January 2010. We have a dedicated team running the homestay : preparing meals, providing local, logistical assistance, maintaining the farmlands etc. Atithi Parinay was built on Indian values and culture. Little things like removing your footwear as you enter the house or sitting down for meal together etc, like rules of any Indian home, are also followed here. The food is typically of the Kokansatha Bramhan community. Our doors are open to all visitors who would like to share and immerse themselves in the history and tranquility of the house. We also do have a ‘ Vithal’ temple in our premises, built in the 1940’s, which has an interesting story to tell about itself and various other stories waiting to be explored !
Atithi Parinay accessible by Train, Bus and car.  All the trains going up to Tiruantpuram stops at Ratnagiri Station including Rajdhani express. From Mumbai and Pune you can take a bus or a cab to Ratnagiri, get down at the bus stand and take a rickshaw from there to reach Atithi Parinay.

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