A Boutique Homestay

History of our Family and The house

Originally called Ganpules, they were once employed as warriors and advisors with the Peshwas, who gifted them a village. They came and settled in Kotawde, but another family laid claim to the land. The Ganpules put forth a proposition that one representative from both sides would burrow in a hole; whoever could last longer would be the true owner. The wily Ganpules stocked up their hole with provisions, outlasted the opponent and got their land back. The Peshwas granted them the title ‘sa-hastra-buddhi’ or someone who had knowledge of both weapons and brains.

About Host

Atithi Parinay Homestay is Started by Ms. Medha & Vasudha Sahasrabudhe; the Mother - Daughter duo in January 2010.

Medha Sahasrabudhe

Medha Sahasrabudhe, co-owner and founder of Atithi Parinay, is an interior designer by profession. Starting Atithi Parinay was a mere coincidence. A figment of thought shared between two friends 7 years ago, which turned into a homestay after dedicated years of hard work. Medha’s vision for Atithi Parinay was to create a place where people could experience life in a farm, just as she had during her childhood. She used to spend her holidays in these farmlands, and eventually shifted to Kotawade to bring Atithi Parinay to reality. It is a perfect blend of a rural lifestyle and a peaceful getaway. She educated herself in the field of “Ecology and Environment” from the Ecological Society, Pune, to help cater to the vision. Atithi Parinay has been crafted keeping in mind the sanctity of the environment hence it has eco-friendly living and organic farming at its core. Medha has turned it into a multi-purpose venture, an eco-friendly and ecological hub, a great getaway home and also a source of income for the local farmers. Medha’s enthusiasm and dedication has made Atithi Parinay what it is today.

Vasudha Sahasrabudhe is a home maker and the backbone of Atithi Parinay. She is the inspiration and support that has shaped it. With love and dedication, she has made Atithi Parinay warm and beautiful over the years. Her pleasant personality and welcoming attitude makes all of our guests feel at home in an instance. She makes Atithi Parinay the ‘home’ it promises to be. Being a host comes naturally to her, and now, at the age of 61 , she is still helping to make Atithi Parinay an unforgettable experience for all.

Mrs. Vasudha Sahasrabudhe

As medha says, earlier she was her father's back-bone, now she is hers.